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  1. I find Sussex Computer Centre very helpful, patience and very informed. Even on the phone they are very keen to be of assistance. Even their repairs prices are very reasonable and fair. They are quick and diligent when doing my repairs and tell me about my problems and how to avoid them. I think they have been around quite a while and I will always go for them
    Sharon Porter
    Home User
  2. Sussex Computer Centre has been recommended to me by a friend of mine who used them and thinks highly of the, I though I'll give a shot. I had very annoying message keeps coming up when I want to browse the internet using Internet Explorer or Chrome. I gave them a call about my problem. They new the cause of the problem right away even without looking at my laptop. The problem was my windows clock was out of date. I corrected it and wella everything is fine. They did not even charge me, but anyway I booked my laptop for full service for £45 and replacing the clock battery for £5 only. I will always use the and recommend them
    Jason Parker
    Home and business user
  3. I urgently wanted to get some help to get at my document data, I found Sussex Computer Centre in the Yellow Pages and I called them, they told me to bring the laptop in at the shop and they told me that I have infection hiding my data. I booked my for laptop for cleaning and full Service (cost £45). It was ready within two days and all fixed. Now I could see my documents, pictures, videos, every thing. They advised to get proper Anti virus (Internet Security) they recommend Bullguard (£25 for 14months & for 3 users). Now I browse the internet and use my computer with confidence
    Paul Newman
    Business and home customer
  4. I have small company. I needed up to three PC's with a server. I asked around for small local company and somebody suggested I this company which he saw the shop sign of while walking by. I contacted them. They came and done free appraisal very quick. They reported back with very plausible suggestion. They supplied the 3 PC's, laser and inkjet printers and NAS (told me I do not need server much cheaper). They setup the whole thing with labour for only £1450
    Chris Davis
    Business Customer